Daniel Bryan Medically Cleared By Several Doctors! Return To The WWE Imminent?

It is no secret that Daniel Bryan is itching to get back into wrestling, whether it is in a WWE ring or not. Now, it seems like the WWE is reconsidering a return for the popular ‘Yes’ man because WWE doctors are currently re-evaluating his medical status!

Cleared By Several Physicians

Daniel Bryan has been working tremendously hard to make a return to the ring. According to his wife Brie, he has been doing oxygen chambers, rehabilitation, and any other thing he could find to possibly wrestle again.

“He is (trying to come back to wrestle). Literally from the day they told him he couldn’t do it anymore, he’s been all over the United States and to all different doctors to figure out why and what he can do to turn that no into a yes.”

It seems like his determination has paid off though because Brie has stated that WWE doctors are now re-evaluating his medical status. Bryan has been medically cleared by doctors outside the WWE, so now he is waiting for the all-clear from WWE doctors.

Why Is Daniel Bryan Cleared By Other Doctors, But Not WWE Physicians?

The WWE needs to be extremely careful when clearing a wrestler that had a serious injury. If they clear him too soon or clear him despite an increased danger of serious injury in the ring, they could put themselves up for lawsuits and all kinds of things. They would not be protecting their wrestlers properly either. So, before they clear him to wrestle in the WWE ring, they need to be sure his body can handle it.

Even Daniel’s wife Brie has stated that both she and Bryan understand why obtaining the go-ahead has been so difficult:

“All these doctors are telling him he can wrestle, they don’t see what the issue is. I think WWE are looking at it and that’s why he’s been really vocal lately because he does have hope. They are willing to look at what the other doctors are saying.”

“You don’t blame a company for being careful, and Bryan gets it, he understands WWE’s point of view.”


I honestly hope Daniel Bryan gets to return to a WWE ring. We all saw how heartbroken he was when he was forced to retire, and he has done anything in his power to make his body strong enough. While others may disagree with me considering the severity of his injuries in the past, I honestly believe wrestling is what makes the man happy. Who are we to determine his happiness?

Do you want to see Daniel Bryan back in the ring? Do you think he may be cleared by WWE doctors? Let us know in the comment section below.