AJ Styles Finally Breaks His Silence On Retirement Rumors!

Wrestlers can’t work forever, unfortunately. Sometimes even our most beloved stars hang up their boots. Age catches up with everyone. AJ Styles is 40.  Though the Phenomenal One is in Phenomenal Shape, he has more wrestling days behind him than in front of him. Styles put a panic into the wrestling world when he merely suggested it was getting harder to maintain his in-ring ability and shape. So, the question is now out there; is AJ Styles on the verge of retirement. One fan attempted to “Break” the story by saying Styles would retire after next year’s Wrestlemania.

Here’s what the already 2x-WWE champion had to say about it.

That seems pretty definitive. AJ Styles is here for a while. There is talk that his deal could be up next year. Even if that is the case, I can easily see WWE signing him to another deal. He shows no signs of slowing down. He and Brock Lesnar are the same age. Lesnar wheezed and limped his way through their match while Styles looked fresh and youthful. He still performs multiple times a week, often in the main event. He’s had few injuries in his illustrious career, so lingering pain isn’t slowing him down either. But what does the Champ have left to prove or accomplish?

What’s left for AJ Styles?

It seems like he has achieved just about everything he can. He’s won the title of every major promotion he’s worked for from Ring of Honor to New Japan. So, what is left for Styles? Perhaps he could win the Royal Rumble next year and end up main eventing Wrestlemania. It seems those are the two major milestones missing from his iconic career. Unfortunately, I think both are longshots. Styles is a top guy for sure, but it takes something special and seismic to be in the main event of Wrestlemania. It wouldn’t shock me to see Styles win the Rumble this year, I’d put him behind Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and yes John Cena as the favorites to pull it off.

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