YES!: Daniel Bryan To Campaign For Kane In Knoxville

In case you haven’t heard, Glenn Jacobs – a.k.a. Kane – is running for mayor of Knox County in Tennessee. And if that’s not bizarre enough for you, his former tag team partner, Daniel Bryan, is joining him for a fundraising event in Knoxville on Oct. 5.

But if even that’s not crazy enough, the event is legitimately called Yes, Yes, Yes-Fest!

kane daniel bryan mayor

Man, therapy really did work wonders for Team Hell No.

All jokes aside, Jacobs is taking his candidacy seriously. He’s running for the Republican nomination on a platform of limited government and low taxes and has vowed to tackle issues like the opioid epidemic, education, and competitiveness in the global economy. Heck, if I could I’d vote for him – and not just because I’m a fan.

Jacobs announced that Bryan’s appearance at the event on his campaign’s Facebook page:

“We were tag-team champions together, I would argue one of the greatest tag-teams in WWE. Normally I don’t like yes men, but I really like this yes man. Because not only is he one of the greatest performers in the history of WWE, he is also a friend of mine.”

Bryan isn’t the only WWE star to campaign for Kane, either. Ric Flair also attended a fundraising event for Jacobs in July.

The primary isn’t until May, so I’m sure Jacobs will have many other events like Yes, Yes, Yes-Fest! leading up to the election. Here’s wishing him good luck!

Would you or do you plan on voting for Kane for mayor of Knox County? Do you think it’s cool when wrestlers run for office or should they just stick to their day jobs? Share your thoughts and comments below!