WWE Responds To Bodybuilder’s Claims About Company Wellness Policy

It’s no secret that WWE takes their wellness policy seriously; just ask Paige, Roman Reigns, or any other Superstar who’s ever been busted for violating the rules.

However, while the wellness policy might be strict on things like prescription drugs, an ex-bodybuilder has claimed that it’s perfectly okay for WWE Superstars to take performance enhancers like human growth hormone (hGH) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hGC).

Dave Palumbo is a retired bodybuilder and the nutritionist for several WWE Superstars, including Triple H. In a recent interview with The Matt Riviera Show, Palumbo was asked what “supplements” Triple H took to get in shape for his WrestleMania 33 match; and while Palumbo didn’t directly name Triple H in his response, he claimed that wrestlers are “allowed to take hormone replacement”:

“They can go to an HRT place and get testosterone replacement, 100 mg a week, whatever they prescribe nowadays. Those are acceptable. A lot of the wrestlers do it. It’s not for me to say who’s using what, but they’re very minimal doses.”

Listen to the entire interview below (relevant comments begin at the 29:45 mark):


Unsurprisingly, WWE has issued a response to Palumbo’s claims:

“WWE’s comprehensive Talent Wellness Policy, which is administered by an independent, third-party, clearly states hGH and hCG are among a long list of banned substances, however, due to certain medical conditions, there are a variety of therapeutic exemptions that account for approximately 7% of our contracted talent.”

For what it’s worth, there are some wrestlers on the current WWE roster who I don’t believe for a second aren’t taking something (I’m looking at you, Jinder). However, Palumbo made some claims that stand in direct contrast with the wellness policy itself. According to section 4 of the policy:

“The non-medical use of Human Growth Hormone (hGH), Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ((hCG), Luetenizing Hormone (LH) and Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) is prohibited.”

Additionally, Palumbo claimed that all WWE wrestlers are tested: “If you’re getting on that stage to wrestle, you’re gonna be tested.” However, during his interview before a congressional subcommittee in 2007, WWE CEO Vince McMahon made it clear that the wellness policy only applies to full-time performers: “[WWE’s drug policy] only governs those talents that are regularly scheduled to compete in the ring. I say ‘compete,’ perform in the ring.”

All that being said, is it likely that there are wrestlers who take hGH at the risk of getting busted? I wouldn’t doubt it. But Palumbo’s claim that WWE allows its performers to take hormone replacement is just plain false.

What do you think about WWE’s wellness policy and Dave Palumbo’s claims? Sound off in the comments below!

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