WWE Producer Jimmy Jacobs Fired For Taking Picture With Young Bucks

The on-going war between WWE and the Young Bucks/Bullet Club seems to be escalating.The Young Bucks fired the first major salvo when they staged an “invasion” of a Raw taping in California. WWE returned fire with a cease and desist aimed at stopping the Bullet Club from using “Too Sweet” and other trademarks owned by the global titan. Then Roman Reigns himself got into the mix, heavily implying that the Young Bucks and the BC were unoriginal. The Young Bucks responded, seemingly with their feelings hurt. Now the WWE has taken a serious action aimed at one of their own. Jimmy Jacobs, a former independent wrestler turned WWE producer was FIRED for posting a picture with the Bullet Club during their “invasion.”

Sources say the backstage producer made his exit last week, but we’ve been unable to confirm if he was released or not. We are told, however, that there was major heat on Jimmy for posting an Instagram picture of himself meeting with BC while they filmed Being the Elite last month


Jacobs was let go from WWE for this photo and other reasons, according to Dave Meltzer.

 Said the firing was directly from Vince. Said it wasn’t so much the straw that broke the camel’s back but more like a 400lb barbell, as there were little things that were there (didn’t go into detail) but the picture is what lead to the firing.

Wrestling World Responds To Jimmy Jacobs’ Firing

Of course, this has been the talk of the wrestling Internet for the last day.





Jimmy Jacobs himself is attempting to profit off the controversy with his own custom t-shirt.


A Double Standard?

What is also curious is that Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, and Sami Zayn were all on the Bullet Club’s “Being The Elite” Youtube show a few months ago. This was before the “invasion” so I am sure WWE thought nothing of it at the time. Also, none of the WWE stars acknowledged the camera or really acted like they were “on” the show. There is no word yet on if any of them were punished. Judging, from their recent success, the answer appears to be no.

Is this “Best For Business”?

So, what now? Is WWE being petty? Are the Young Bucks stirring up controversy and costing people jobs? The Young Bucks, famous for their trolling, seem to be very offended that WWE tried to protect their trademarks. They have needled WWE and their talent for months, and now they’re upset that WWE is retaliating? I wonder how upset they really are, as they continue to get tons of earned media and merchandise sales off this controversy.
It is fair to say that we won’t be seeing the Young Bucks in a WWE ring anytime soon. They’re very successful on their own in the indies and in Japan.
And while some are cringing at this feud, it reminds me just a TINY bit of the Attitude Era. Competition is good and makes wrestling better for everyone. WWE has responded to the rise of indie wrestling with tournaments and NXT becoming more of an independent wrestling super-show. I just don’t want anyone getting fired over these antics.
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