The Four Most Outrageous Moments From The October 23rd Raw

The Raw following TLC was bound to be big. Not only did the PPV mark the return of Kurt Angle, but we’re officially in “Survivor Series” season. WWE is advertising hard that this is the “one night a year” when Raw stars face off against the stars of Smackdown Live!

As the build for the fall classic began, a few big moments came with it. Here are the four biggest!

4. Kane Is Back

In preparation for his impending feud with Braun Strowman, the Big Red Machine made a big splash. He destroyed beloved wrestler and fellow demonkin Finn Balor with THREE powerful chokeslams. Some fans groaned at this. Personally, I think it is a good idea. Kane needs to be re-established as a true monster. No better way to do that than by destroying a fan favorite.

3. Heyman Scoffs At Jinder

The Survivor Series match between Lesnar and Jinder is now official. Heyman took the opportunity to bury Mahal as a champion unworthy of Brock’s time. We’ll see how Jinder responds (I bet he brings up India!) on Smackdown.

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