The 12 Best Moments From Kurt Angle’s Return To A WWE Ring

Due to a viral meningitis outbreak that sidelined both Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt, the TLC PPV card had to be changed DRAMATICALLY. AJ Styles replaced Wyatt in his match vs. Finn Balor but the biggest change was Raw GM Kurt Angle making his return to a WWE after over a decade away. WWE stepped up big time to make up for the broken promise of a Shield reunion. Fans were ready for Angle’s big return. The Olympic gold medalist was ready too.

Was the Hall of Famer still capable of going in the ring? Let’s find out! Here are the 12 biggest moments from Angle’s return to a WWE ring!

Before the match even started…

Kurt made some digital history of his own!

The fans went nuts when Dean and Seth gave Kurt his OWN Shield Vest!

Then Angle joined the Shield for their signature entrance

Then The Match Started!

Dad holds the ladder while Dean and Seth jump

But then things took a turn for the Gold Medalist.