Santino Marella And Jim Cornette Argument Escalates Again!

Two people in the wrestling world who cannot stand the sight of each other at the moment are Jim Cornette and Santino Marella. After an explosive incident at XICW Cobo Legends Convention in Detroit, the pair have been under public scrutiny. The argument seems far from over though, here is the full story!

What Occurred Between Jim Cornette and Santino Marella?

There is a history between Santino and Jim Cornette. Cornette has been accused of slapping Santino, where Santino did not defend himself. Now, Cornette claims that Santino wanted Jim Cornette to slap him again, just so he could sue him because he is unemployed. Cornette claimed that is the reason he walked away from Cobo and disappointed many fans.

The claims of Cornette seem a bit out there, considering Santino is far from unemployed. Not only is he a host for SportsNet, he also has his own wrestling school.

Why Is It Escalating Again?

Instead of making their apologies like grown-ups, fuel is added to the fire once again. Jim Cornette went on his podcast to fire at Santino, while Santino released a statement.

This is the podcast released by Cornette:

Here are the main things to remember from the statement of Santino. You can read the full statement here.

“Little does Jim know that all those countless negative comments and rants just make him look like an unconfident bitter person that has no class. That is why I never made a big deal about it because he was already doing a great job of tarnishing his own legacy.”

“I say Hello sir and I extend my hand to shake hands. After all why not, peace is better then enemies right? Its funny he looked shocked to hear my real voice, lol, mark. He then proceeds to try to tell me about what happened 12 years ago like I wasn’t there lol, insults me, disrespects me, and then tries to walk away.”

“Sorry to all the fans that came out to the convention and show. I really tried to put it all behind us. Cornett had other plans. Sometimes we just have to take a stand.”

My Opinion

Listening to the original incident, Jim Cornette is the one that seems out of control. Instead of behaving like a professional, he is screaming and shouting abuse and behaving like a little kid throwing his toys out of the pram. I have little respect for people who cannot communicate like a normal human being, so that is my opinion on that.

Looking at the footage, it also seems like Santino is the level-headed one who is indeed trying to hash things out, as he said in his statement. The only thing from Cornette’s side seems to be a lot of insults, despite his ‘explanation’ in his podcast.

Based on the statement made by Santino after the incident, he seems like the only one who behaved in a somewhat professional manner. I believe he was also justified in making the statement, considering the tirade of Jim Cornette in Santino’s direction after the incident.

From what I’ve seen, I totally stand behind Santino, although I’m not quite neutral since I have a natural dislike for ‘men’ such as Jim Cornette. You could have acted professionally, but instead, you choose to make it a public spectacle…

What do you think about the incident? Do you believe Santino had the right to hash things out while nobody was around during the event? Let us know in the comment section below!