Rockstar Spud Leaves Impact – Rumors Circulate He’s Coming To WWE

There seems to be a lot of movement in the wrestling world recently. Is it because it is the end of the year or just that the wrestling landscape is evolving? A bit of both, honestly. A lot of contracts are up since the 2017 Fiscal Year just ended. FY2018 began October 1st. So a lot of talent is free of their contracts and free to move. We’ve seen this in WWE, and now we see it from a long-time Impact star, Rockstar Spud.

The Britsh pint-sized big-mouth has reportedly split from Impact “on good terms.”

more via ProWrestlingSheet:

Spud started with Impact in 2012 after winning the first season of their British Boot Camp series and became Dixie Carter‘s “chief of staff.” He went on to have a memorable feud with Ethan Carter III that ended in a hair vs hair match.

What’s Next For Rockstar Spud? Inside sources have some good ideas…