Report: Jeff Jarrett Shows Up To Show Drunk, Still Wants To Wrestle

Somehow, things have gone from bad to worse for Jeff Jarrett.

One day after Impact Wrestling announced that it has “terminated its business relationship” with Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling, the video has emerged of Double J allegedly wrestling a match drunk for Real Canadian Wrestling on Friday.

According to promoter Steven Ewaschuk, Jarrett showed up late to the venue and apparently intoxicated. Jarrett then told Ewaschuk he was late because he’d been held up in customs, and a border agent allowed him into Canada “under the condition that he’d be back at the airport by 6 am the next morning to handle everything.”

And it only got worse from there:

Ewaschuk claims Jeff Jarrett continued to drink and ultimately passed out in the locker room during the show. When intermission began, he had to be woken up for pictures.  Jeff then got ready for his match, despite suspicion that he was still drinking, and attempted to wrestle a twenty-minute match.

Before the match, Double J’s music hit for his entrance but the wrestler didn’t come out. His opponent then got on the microphone and said Jeff was upstairs getting drunk. Jeff finally hit the ring moments later and for about ten minutes the two wrestlers stalled for time.

Watch video of the match below:

This is truly unfortunate – and I can’t help but be reminded of the time Jeff Hardy wrestled inebriated at Victory Road in 2011.

Remarkably, Ewaschuk says he still paid Jarrett despite his behavior. But Jarrett didn’t show up for his booking with RCW the following night.

It’s unclear whether Jarrett’s condition was related to his firing from Impact, but it certainly couldn’t have helped. I sincerely home Jarrett takes some time off to get the help that he needs, both for his health and his family.

The ProWrestlingSheet is now reporting that Jarrett has entered rehab

We’re told Jeff made the decision this morning to get help and one source noted that it seems to be WWE sponsored rehabilitation.

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