MMA Fighter Submits Opponent With Walls of Jericho

The next time someone tells you pro wrestling is fake, show them this video. Over the weekend, British MMA fighter Jonno Mears submitted his opponent Aaron Jones 90 seconds into the first round – via the Walls of Jericho.

No, seriously. It happened.

The Walls of Jericho – generically known as the Boston Crab – is a submission move popularized by WWE Superstar Chris Jericho that puts pressure on the lower back. According to Mears – who grew up watching WWE – Jones didn’t tap until he “cranked it a bit”:

“When I took him down, he turned to all fours quick, but I managed to chin strap him and was going to try the Peruvian necktie,” Mears said. “But he tucked his chin, so I jumped to his back, then the crab came into my head. Then, during the scramble, I was going to turn into mount and give it up, but I seen he covered up during me striking him, so I thought why not I just try? And I was shocked myself I got a hold of his legs in a scramble.”

While some on social media opined that Jones likely tapped to the foot lock portion of the move, Mears said he likely gave up because of what the move was intended to do — damage the back.

“I’m sure it was his back, although I applied it slowly knowing it’s a dangerous move being a spine lock,” Mears said. “But he refused to tap, so I cranked it a bit more while sticking out the tongue.”

Whatever the case, Mears’s win was notable enough to warrant a reaction from Jericho himself.

Unfortunately, Jericho didn’t comment on whether Mears’s move-stealing warranted him a spot on The List.

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