Kane Returns To Attacks Reigns And Join The Miztourage For TLC Match

The Raw before the TLC PPV was full of surprises and big action. TLC’s main event is a 4 on 3 match between the newly reformed (and re-uniformed) Shield and the Team of The Miz, Braun Strowman, and The Bar. But that wasn’t enough for The Miz. He wanted to add one more person to his team. Raw GM Angle agreed, but only if Strowman defeated Reigns in their steel cage match on Raw.

Reigns looked to have the match in hand and then the ring turned a blood red and a familiar and haunting sound bellowed out.

The Demon had returned.

The Miz then revealed that Kane was the “fifth man” for their TLC match.


But why would The Big Red Machine return now? Why would he team up the Miz? Why would he attack Roman Reigns? The answer is pretty simple. He wants revenge for Reigns retiring The Undertaker, Kane’s half-brother. Beyond that, the “Corporate” version of the Demon was also a major foil for The Shield during their final babyface run squaring off against the Authority. The last few years, Kane has turned from lovable demon goofball to cold and calculating henchman, not too different from his Attitude Era character.

Is Kane still running for Mayor?

Immediately, this fueled speculation that Glenn “Kane” Jacobs was no-longer running for mayor of Knox County in Tennessee. However, Jacobs was campaigning just this weekend and has made no announcement otherwise.

The election isn’t until next May, so Jacobs presumably has plenty of time to wrestle and then go back to campaigning. He wouldn’t be the first WWE Superstar to campaign while also wrestling. In fact, just last year, Rhyno ran for the Michigan Legislature while he was Smackdown Tag Champion.

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