John Cena Answers The “Retirement” Question

After his defeat at the hands of Roman Reigns at the No Mercy PPV, many people believed that it was John Cena’s final match in WWE. Later on that night though, he went on to say that he’s stepping back and won’t be around “as much.” But the question still remains; when will John Cena retire? How many more matches does he have in him? To match the Undertaker in longevity┬áhe’d need to wrestle a few times a year for the next decade at least.

Cena finally answered the question…sorta. TMZ caught him outside an LA restaurant with Nikki Bella.

He’s got movies and TV shows and endorsements and everything else … but John Cena says he’ll NEVER move on from the WWE … because it’s “family.”
Cena and his fiancee Nikki Bella were leaving Craig’s in L.A. after Nikki performed on “Dancing with the Stars” … when we asked about John’s future.

Why John Cena Will Never “Retire”

John Cena loves wrestling. He loves WWE. That should be evident to anyone who sees everything Cena does for WWE and for charity. He is still the top guy and top merchandise seller in the company. I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. While WWE is trying its hardest to find his replacement, it will be hard to face a guy who had a nearly unprecedented run as the top performer in the company.

John Cena is on his way to becoming a Hollywood star on par with The Rock. He has the charisma and the acting chops to do it. The issue then becomes that he might become too valuable of an actor to wrestle. This is where The Rock is right now. He can wrestle for 3 seconds at Wrestlemania, but he can’t-do┬ámuch more than that. I predict we are about 2-3 years away from Cena being in the same situation. We should understand and appreciate how good we’ve had it with Cena over the last couple of years. He’s made Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, AJ Styles, and others big draws and household names. I expect him to still make appearances, and host a Wrestlemania or two. But his time in the ring is numbered. We don’t have many more Cena matches left.

Thank you, John Cena. Share your thoughts on Cena’s potential retirement in the comments below.

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