Jeff Jarrett and Global Force End Partnership With Impact

And like that…he was gone. Jeff Jarrett’s triumphant return to the company he founded is officially over. Jarrett and his promotion and gold pyramid-scheme Global Force Wrestling have officially parted ways with Impact Wrestling and their parent company, Anthem.

Thus ends the latest chapter of Jeff Jarrett’s 15-year relationship with TNA/Impact wrestling. Perhaps for the last time, Jeff Jarrett departs Impact.

Jarrett’s History in TNA/Impact

Jarrett founded TNA with his father in 2002 as an alternative to the WWE after the collapse of WCW. What began as a series of weekly pay-per-views involved into a place for indie stars and WWE rejects and burnouts to get a first, second, or third chance. There were times when the company flourished and even flirted with competing with Vince, but mismanagement and ego got in the way. Jarrett left the company in a power struggle with majority-owner Dixie Carter in 2014. Jarrett then started his own company, Global Force, and forged alliances with wrestling promotions across the globe. The company even taped a bevy of television shows that only recently made their way to Youtube.

After Impact was finally pried away from Dixie Carter’s manicured mangles by Anthem, Jarrett returned to the company with GFW in tow. He cleaned house, put his Global Force titles in the forefront and re-branded the company in his image. This lasted a few months before Jarrett took an indefinite leave of absence. Jarrett and his brand seem once again gone from Impact for good.

Time time, I would reckon it is permanent. Jarrett’s old tricks failed to help Impact in the ratings and Anthem seems content to go in an entirely new direction. The Global Force brand was never as big as Impact and having the two brand meld always seemed to be a bit odd. Impact is building their roster from a lot of young and fresh talent.

Jarrett will presumably continue to wrestle and smash guitars and not draw a dime. But one thing we can for sure say is that his time in Impact is definitely over.

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