Former WWE And Impact Star Matt Morgan Announces Run For City Commissioner

A lot of wrestlers jump into politics. The two have a lot in common: both require showmanship, charisma, the power of persuasion, and being a great liar! Glenn “Kane” Jacobs is one of the bigger names running for office. But another WWE star is putting himself in the running for local government. The “Blueprint” Matt Morgan is running for the City Commission of Longwood, Florida.

The former TNA tag champion talked to the SportingNews about what motivated him to run for office:

“It comes to a point where you get old enough and you have a child and you’re like what am I doing about my own city?,” the 41-year-old Morgan said. “What am I doing to make my city where my son is going to grow up? I want to be able to give him every opportunity afforded to him here in the city and it starts at the very top, in my opinion.”

THe 7-foot giant is working hard. He’s even campaigning out in the pouring rain!

As for priorities, Morgan wants to work to improve conditions for the city’s first responders.

“Our firefighters have to live in this horribly, dilapidated fire station that they’ve outgrown,” Morgan explained. “They’ve lost something like twenty firefighters over just the last four or five years alone to neighboring fire departments because it floods. It flooded again the other week that I was there and it was like a foot high.”

Good luck, Blueprint!

Morgan recently left Impact Wrestling due to the company’s inflexible work schedule. He worked there consistently from 2007-2013 before returning for brief stints in 2015 and this year. Before that Morgan got his start on WWE’s Tough Enough and worked for the company for three years from 2002-2005. He also worked in Japan for New and All Japan Wrestling.

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