Enzo Amore Regains Cruiserweight Title Via Eye Poke

We’re watching TLC, already one of the stranger PPVs of the year. While the main event will feature the return to the WWE ring of Kurt Angle, there were plenty of other intriguing match-ups on the card. Kalisto squared off against bad-guy and guido trash-leopard Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight Title.

The match was standard until Enzo decided to grab for the ring curtain. While the ref attempted to replace the curtain Enzo CLAWED at the eyes of the high-flying luchador. This temporary blindness led to a shallow victory.


Cruiserweights and their fans continue to be despondent

Of course, people were not excited about this.




However, this cruiserweight division hasn’t been this popular or talked about since it debuted over a year ago. Regardless of what you think about him, Enzo is getting eyes onto 205 Live in a way others couldn’t. Also, he isn’t out-wrestling the competition, he’s cheating and being a heel. This is how you make other guys good. Look for Mustafa Ali to get a title shot next. He’s sure to be one of the biggest stars in the Cruiserweight division.

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