Eddie Kingston Delivers Powerful Defense Of “Independent Wrestling” vs. “Corporate Wrestling”

With Neville on his way out of WWE and Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks making a lot of money on the independent scene, the focus on independent wrestling has never been bigger.

But what does it mean to be an independent wrestler? It certainly isn’t easy. You aren’t on TV every week and you don’t have the reach of global conglomerates. There are also little things like making your own bookings, selling your own merchandise, and not making a lot of money.

So why do it? Former IMPACT star and long-time independent wrestling veteran Eddie Kingston explains it perfectly. The “Mad King” explains why he loves “true to the core” independent wrestling over “corporate wrestling.”

Kingston also takes a shot at WWE and their recruitment of non-wrestlers and non-wrestling fans to their performance center.

“you may sign failed football players, you may sign failed amateur wrestlers…”

“We [independent wrestlers] go up an down the states and we pay our dues the right way”

Eddie Kingston explains the big difference. On the indie scene, you’re on your own and you only have your own passion.

“There’s no one back there writing stuff for me…we do this because we actually watched it growing up”

Why Independent Wrestling Matters

Eddie Kingston’s words ring true. Like any other art form (and yes wrestling is an art form) there are the big money people at the top and the scrappy independent people at the bottom. Independent wrestling is growing because it is easier than ever to watch the shows. Gone are the days of DVD and VHS and pirated video.

We have everything we want on Youtube, Highspots.com and several other high-quality outlets. Independent wrestling has already changed how WWE does business. NXT, Cruiserweights, the rise of Women’s Wrestling, and the signing of Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and others are all tied to the strength of independent wrestling. Truthfully, it has never been better to be a fan of wrestling. Every match imaginable is at your finger-tips. There is so much more out there than the WWE. I urge you to go to a local indie show. I promise you’ll be impressed.

Do you agree with Eddie Kingston? Are you a fan of independent wrestling? Share your thoughts in the comments below.