Disney Princesses And Their WWE Doppelgangers

When Maryse and The Miz revealed the gender of their baby, they were dressed as Cinderella and Prince Charming.

So, this got us thinking: Which Disney Princesses correspond with wrestlers on the WWE roster? Like their wrestling counterparts, Disney Princesses are strong, beautiful women who serve as role-models for young girls. Most of them strive to do what is right in the face of adversity. They’re looking for their prince, but they can do fine on their own.

Some of these picks aren’t starkly obviously but I think I have a good justification for each one.

Becky Lynch as Anna

Goofy and full of fun and life. Of course, a lot of you say think Merida, but I am trying to not go for the obvious choices here. Becky and Anna are both goofballs who have hearts of gold. They’re always looking out for others, especially their counterparts (more on that next).

Charlotte as Elsa

Ice Queens. Both of them can be cold and brutal to their enemies. Their power makes them feared and respected by all. Both can be thawed out by their friendship with Anna (Becky Lynch)

Bayley as Snow White

A full and kind heart. Always looking for the best in people. But a little naive and easily misled and taken advantage of. Unlike Snow White, Bayley is not in distress and can save herself!

Sasha Banks as Jasmine

SHE IS NOT SOME PRIZE TO BE WON! Confident, a boss who can easily read people’s BS. Neither lady is woo’d easily. You better come correct when you come at Jasmine or Sasha.

This next one isn’t technically a princess, but she is certainly royalty.

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