Cesaro Attacks And Tears Up ANOTHER Beach Ball!

During The Bar’s tag match against The Shield at SummerSlam, Cesaro earned the admiration and ire of some in the crowd when he jumped into the stands to destroy a beach-ball certain cantankerous members of the WWE Universe were tossing about during their match.

Here’s a clip of the crowd reacting to it.

Cesaro’s feat of strength became a viral hit! But the strongest pound-for-pound man in the WWE wasn’t done there!

This time the Swiss Cyborg destroyed a bouncy ball during a WWExIGN gaming event. He interrupted a pre-match interview to tear apart the globe of gluttony!

While this time it seemed a bit planned, the feat still got the crowd very excited!

Cesaro keeps going viral!

The Very European Strongman keeps doing things that put him at the forefront of WWE! We love Cesaro and his new teeth! WWE even gave him a new shirt to mark the occasion of his chipped chompers!

Many, including Vince McMahon, feel that Cesaro has yet to grasp the “Brass ring” that could make him a top star in WWE. I disagree with this. He has the wrestling skills and the personality to become a top guy for the company. I’m a long-time fan of his and I really hope he gets more of the success he has worked so hard for!

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