Brie Bella Planning 2018 WWE Return!

The Bella Twins have a lot going on right now outside WWE. Nikki is competing on Dancing with the Stars and presumably planning her wedding to John Cena; Brie has her hands full with her and Daniel Bryan’s adorable daughter, Birdie Joe; and both are gearing up for the long-awaited launch of their clothing line, Birdiebee.

That’s a lot to have on your plate without planning an in-ring comeback, too. But Brie Bella recently revealed that she absolutely intends to return to WWE, and she’s aiming for 2018.

In a live Q&A session on the Bellas’ official YouTube channel, Brie confirmed that she’s already trying to get back in shape for an in-ring return:

“Yes. So I am right now slowly trying to get back into the shape. The other day actually I was trying to do a little bit of kind of, like, lifting and I just am so weak. When I went to the doctor they were like ‘Brie, your abs haven’t come back yet.

But I want to make sure that I am ready by let’s say the end of January 2018, in case I get a phone call. But at some point in 2018 I am going to make a comeback, whether the boss likes it or not, I am coming back and making a comeback.”

Brie added that she and Bryan are aiming to have another baby at the end of 2018, so she wants to make her comeback while she still can. Watch the entire Q&A session below:

Brie’s planned return timetable is notable given the fact that Bryan’s current WWE contract is rumored to expire in September 2018, and he’s hinted before that he intends to return to wrestling on the independent circuit as soon as the contract is up. If this is true, I would guess that Brie’s return to WWE would only be temporary, especially if she plans on having another baby.

On a related note, Nikki Bella recently revealed that John Cena has urged her to quit wrestling over concerns about her injured neck. Whether or not Nikki is planning a return to the ring remains to be seen.

Would you be excited to see Brie and Nikki inside a WWE ring again? Share your thoughts below!