5 Fast Facts About Drew Gulak

Despite being absolutely fantastic wrestlers, many members of the 205 Live roster have had a hard time getting fans to notice them. But Drew Gulak has recently struck comedy gold by acting as Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore’s uptight replacement for Big Cass.

Here are five fast facts about Drew Gulak, a.k.a. Captain Underpants.

5. His 6th Grade Biology Teacher Introduced Him to CZW


Gulak is from the great wrestling city of Philadelphia, home to numerous promotions like ECW, Chikara, and Combat Zone Wrestling. The latter is, of course, known for deathmatch wrestling, and Gulak revealed in a 2016 interview that it was his 6th grade biology teacher who took him to his first CZW show. Eventually, Gulak’s younger brother, Rory, began tagging along, and he became a pretty notable super fan around the combat zone:

Rory became so much of a fan that he began dressing up as his favorite wrestler, “Sick” Nick Mondo. He eventually became so known for his attire that other fans began calling him Rory Mondo or Little Mondo.

“Rory was a legendary super fan,” Drew said.

Having proved themselves as fans, the Gulak brothers began helping to break down the ring after CZW shows. Not long after they started training at the CZW school at the ages of 17 and 14.

4. He Trained Alongside Cesaro


Gulak began training at CZW in 2004. That year, CZW’s school merged with Chikara’s school, the Chikara Wrestle Factory, and at the time Chris Hero was the head co-trainer of the school alongside Mike Quackenbush. Not only that, but Gulak also trained alongside future fellow WWE Superstar Cesaro. In other words, it’s no wonder Gulak is such a prolific grappler.

3. Cody Rhodes Apparently Hates Him


There are lots of legitimate backstage feuds within the world of professional wrestling, and apparently, one of those is between Gulak and Cody Rhodes – although it might be a bit one-sided.

Rhodes appeared on Busted Open Radio in May, and during his interview, he revealed that he got such a bad first impression of Gulak at an Evolve event that he regularly texts other wrestlers just to say how much he dislikes him:

“I open up the pizza at the table that Gabe who runs Evolve has set up for me. People are coming over to take pictures, autographs, and the pizza is free, no big deal. It was a way, Johnny Gargano’s last night, it was a celebratory thing. There is a wrestler by the name of Drew Gulak, and I’m going to go ahead and tell you I think he sucks. He does a grizzled old vet routine, he hasn’t done anything or made any money anywhere, and he shouldn’t be doing that routine. He looked at me from his table, and frustrated and jealous, because there were people in line at my table; Hell they might have been in line just for the pizza, says to me “So that’s what you need to get over” and he walks away in a total huff and temper tantrum. Since then that guy, is on my list. 100%. I will reguarly text Ethan Page just to tell him how much I think Drew Gulak sucks.”

In my opinion, that seems a bit petty and dumb, but pro wrestling is full of egos so it’s also not that surprising.

2. He’s the Longest Reigning CZW Wired Champion in History

After finding success as a tag team wrestler, Gulak embarked on a singles career in 2009 and defeated Tyler Veritas in April 2010 to become the second CZW Wired Television Champion. The championship has since been renamed the CZW Wired Championship, but Gulak remains the longest reigning champion in the title’s history, holding it for an astounding 429 days. He was eventually defeated by AR Fox in June 2011.

1. His Activist Gimmick Isn’t New

Gulak has adopted a gimmick in which he wages a “no-fly zone” campaign against cruiserweight high-fliers like Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander. However, while the schtick might be new to WWE, it’s not new to Gulak. He essentially did the same exact thing in CZW, except instead of speaking out against high-flying he was speaking out against extreme violence. As you can imagine, the gimmick made him a huge heel in the ultra-violent CZW.


There you have it: five fast facts about Drew Gulak! What do you think of this up-and-coming WWE Superstar? Share your thoughts and comments below!