WWE Bringing Back “Starrcade” Name For November Event

When WWE bought WCW in 2001, they purchased everything. The massive tape library of WCW and NWA was part of what led WWE to create the WWE Network.

But beyond the talent and the tapes came trademarks and copyrights to WCW property – including the names of some of WCW’s iconic events. Ever since the purchase, WWE has used a few of WCW’s pay-per-view names for themselves. WWE continued to use “The Great American Bash” for a few years, and last year they changed the name of the “Night of Champions” to the WCW series “Clash of the Champions.”┬áNow WWE is planning to use perhaps the second most iconic PPV name from World Championship Wrestling. It was a fall classic and considered by many to be WCW’s “Wrestlemania.” Welcome back, Starrcade!

Rhodes Family Reunion?

After the announcement former WWE star and current Ring of Honor Champion Cody Rhodes noted that WWE was using one of his father’s “ideas” in a ploy to sell tickets. Rhodes suggested WWE book his brother, Goldust on the show. This elicited a surprising response from WWE producer and Hall of Famer, Michael PS Hayes

The Bizarre One wants the match-up!


Adding to the fantasy booking, Matt Hardy suggested the Young Bucks could show up as well!

On the WWE Network?

There was speculation that this special event would air live on the WWE Network. It would make sense, considering what a marquee name and the tradition behind it. Here’s what we know so far.

via WrestlingNewsWorld:

Unfortunately, the big Starrcade event being planned for November 25th will not be a WWE Network broadcast but rather a live event for the Smackdown brand in Greensboro, NC. Tickets have already gone on sale and because they are already seating people on both sides of the hard cam it is likely that nothing will be televised.

But, like everything in wrestling, things could always change. We will update this story if the event is televised.

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