Why Bayley Is The Next John Cena

For years, the biggest role model in WWE was without a doubt, John Cena. And while The Champ may still be the most popular wrestler among the youngest members of the WWE Universe, former NXT and Raw Women’s Champion Bayley is giving him a serious run for his money.


Older fans may bemoan the so-called “PG Era” of WWE, but as The Authority would say, it’s what’s best for business. It’s imperative that WWE’s Superstars connect with the kids in the audience – and no other female on the roster does that better than Bayley.

Living Her Dream

It’s well documented that Bayley grew up dreaming of being a WWE Superstar. Prior to her historic 30-minute Iron Man match against Sasha Banks at NXT TakeOver: Respect, Bayley shared an English essay she’d written in high school about her dream to one day be WWE Women’s Champion.

There are also plenty of pictures of Bayley as a kid, wearing Hardy Boyz t-shirts and meeting wrestlers like John Cena.

Not only is it inspiring to see that Bayley actually achieved her dream, but it communicates to kids that, once upon time, she was just like them. Back in the 80’s and even the 90’s, wrestlers were larger than life caricatures who were hardly relatable figures for the audience. Today, wrestlers like Bayley who are openly living their dream send a positive message to kids that they can achieve whatever their hearts desire so long as they put in hard work and effort – and that’s a fantastic thing.