The Most Controversial Wrestling Moves In History!

There have been quite a few controversial wrestling moves in history. Some of them were banned temporarily, where others were banned permanently. Let us look at some of the most controversial wrestling moves and find out why they are so dangerous!

The Curb Stomp

A move made famous by Seth Rollins, but also a move that has been around for some time. The Curb Stomp was Seth Rollins’ original finisher. The move involves driving the opponent’s head into the mat with the foot.

The move proved a little too controversial for WWE television since the wrestling move was banned in 2015. After losing the Curb Stomp, Seth Rollins adopted the Triple H Pedigree as his finisher.

450 Splash

It is a shame when an amazing move is banned due to a botch, but this is what happened with the 450 Splash. The 450 Splash was botched by Justin Gabriel during a match with Randy Orton. After this match, the move was banned and Justin Gabriel slowly disappeared from WWE television.

A couple of years after the incident, the move was no longer banned. However, only a select number of wrestlers can execute wrestlers can execute this move. This is usually limited to trusted high flyers such as the “King of the Cruiserweights” Neville.

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