Report: Asuka To Debut On Raw Very Soon

During the most recent tapings of NXT, Women’s Champion Asuka vacated her title to “seek new challenges.” She received a big send-off with the entire roster coming out to congratulate her on her unprecedented, record-breaking success.

But what is next for the undefeated star? According to PWInsider and their sources, Asuka is set to make a big splash soon on the main roster:

The current plan for former WWE NXT Women’s champion Asuka is for her to debut on the Raw brand, PWInsider.com has confirmed with multiple sources.

What will happen with Asuka once she debuts?

Asuka’s main roster debut is already one of the most intriguing in recent memory. More than Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, and Nakamura, Asuka has a real aura about her when it comes to a debut. She was never pinned or submitted while in NXT. Asuka dominated her entire time there. She won the belt and defended it handily without any real opposition.

How then will that translate to Raw? The logical step would be to have her immediately challenge for and win the Raw Women’s Title. She is such a dominating force and presence that it would be silly for her to lose immediately, right? ECW legend and former WWE and TNA commentator Taz thinks it is the perfect thing to do with the Empress of Tomorrow. Personally, I think that idea is beyond silly. Asuka’s power and her drawing ability lie in her dominating abilities and being undefeated. It was the same reason Ronda Rousey was such a big draw in UFC. Once she loses, she loses a bit if not most of that allure. She has to establish herself as a dominating champion. Losing the belt after a few months or even a year plus would only add to her mystique.

In addition, if she were to immediately lose her main roster debut, the Internet would FREAK OUT. Everyone would panic and claim she was being “misused” and “buried”, refrains that are often invoked once a debuting NXT does anything about except catapult to the main event.

What do you think should be done with Asuka? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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