People Are Convinced John Cena Retired After His Match At No Mercy

No Mercy has delivered on its hype so far. The Tag Title Match exceeded ALL expectations.

It was hard to think of what could top that match. Then John Cena and Roman Reigns put on a barn-burner. The two brawled and destroyed each other before Reigns ultimately got the pin. But it was what happened AFTER the match that has everyone talking.

Cena approached Reigns to raise his arm in support.

Reigns left the ring. John Cena decided to linger.


He soaked in the praise from the appreciative fans.

Then he took what many think was a “final” bow.


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Did John Cena Just Retire?


Some people are not convinced.


Cena Addresses The Controversy On Raw Talk


He talked about a “burden” being lifted. Does he mean he has someone to take over his spot?

Then Cena talked about his career history and a “transition” and teared up a bit.


King straight up asked the question: Are you going?


What do you think? Is John Cena retiring? Share your thoughts.

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