No One Is Happy That Enzo Amore Is WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Something terrible happened last night at WWE No Mercy: Enzo Amore defeated Neville to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Before I comment any further on this debauchery, I’d like to point out that Enzo’s win was completely dirty. After grabbing the Cruiserweight Title to taunt Neville at ringside – at which point the referee stopped his count-out – Enzo slithered back into the ring like the snake he is and hit Neville with a low blow while the ref’s back was turned, thus resulting in his victory and the death of part of my soul.

But I was far from the only member of the WWE Universe unhappy with Enzo’s title win. A cursory glance at Twitter shows that virtually no one is okay with this.

Dave Meltzer also sounded off on Enzo’s win – and he did not hold back. “The story of the match is that Enzo sucks, but he still won the championship,” Meltzer stated – and he’s 100% correct. Enzo’s NOT a heel, so the fact that he resorted to a low blow to win proves nothing outside of the fact that he can’t legitimately compete with Neville or any of the other cruiserweights. And why would the WWE want to put the title on someone who isn’t up to par?

But even more telling than the WWE Universe’s reaction to Enzo’s win is the reaction of the 205 Live roster…