Jerry Lawler First Wrestled For The NWA Title In 1974 – He’ll Do It Again This Weekend

Jerry Lawler’s wrestling career is unprecedented. He debuted in 1970 and became one of the most popular stars of the “territory days.” Despite never winning the NWA or WWF World Titles, Lawler held several regional championships and was the AWA Champion. He is easily one of the most decorated and popular wrestlers of all time. But more impressive than his accomplishments is that he has been wrestling nearly continuously for over 40 years.

Even after heart failure nearly killed him in 2012, Lawler continues to wrestle. Recently the King took on former WWE star and ROH champion Cody Rhodes For The Ring of Honor Title.


And as one Twitter user pointed out, Lawler will challenge AGAIN for the NWA title. A belt he has pursued for more than 40 years.

Congrats on the long career King! Beyond being a wrestler, Lawler is also an incredible sketch artist and draughtsmen. Check these out!

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