Impact Ditches “Global Force” Name As Cornette And Jarrett Leave Company

We should just start writing an article every week that TNA/Impact/Anthem/Global Force Wrestling DOESN’T go through some sort of seismic change. A few weeks back it looked like Impact was ONCE AGAIN on the chopping block. But like Terry Funk and retirement matches, Impact keeps on coming back. By now, TNA in one form or another has lasted 15 years. And I feel like every year since there are at least 3-4 times when the company is on the VERGE of bankruptcy and death. But they’re still kicking.

These two updates aren’t related to the company’s survival, but they do involve the one name linked to Impact more than any other: Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett has once again left the company due to personal issues. However though it seems Anthem, Impact’s new parent company, forced Double-J’s move due to creative differences.

Along with Jarrett, on-screen authority figure and legendary manager Jim Cornette has left Impact as well. Unlike Jarrett, we have a little more info on why the tennis racket-wielding mouthpiece is done. The first reason has to do with Impact’s decision to hold their annual “Bound For Glory” PPV in Canada, where Anthem Sports is based.

Via WON:

Cornette hasn’t been to Canada for years because he was turned away at the border in 2010 when they ran his record, which included a number of assaults, mostly stemming from incidents involving fights with fans who attacked him while he was a manager at matches in the 80s.

Cornette also claims that the deal was short-term all along.

 Cornette noted that he came to GFW after being called in August by Jeff Jarrett, and the agreement was just to work one set of television tapings to facilitate a few storylines, which were the stripping of the championship from Alberto El Patron and the gauntlet match, the on-screen firing of Bruce Prichard so he could return as a heel manager, and to try and make Anthem Sports & Entertainment babyfaces to the wrestling fans.

Further solidifying Jarrett’s departure, the brand will undergo a THIRD name change for 2017

Via PWInsider:

In several media releases issued today, Anthem Media is once again referring to their wrestling company as Impact Wrestling, not Global Force Wrestling.

Global Force is owned by Jarrett, and while a deal was in the works to sell to Anthem, it never fully materialized. It is believed Jarrett still owns the rights to GFW and will be able to use the name on events.

So, all this change just means that Impact is back to where it was. Jarrett is gone. Cornette is gone. The “Global Force” brand is gone. What does this mean for Impact? Probably more uncertainty and limping towards the future. We will keep you updated on all of Impact’s changes.

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