Former X-Division And Tag Champ Robbie E Leaves Impact

Seems like it is a weekly occurrence that a wrestler leaves Impact Wrestling. Or whatever it is called nowadays. A few weeks back on-screen authority figure Jim Cornette and founder Jeff Jarrett left TNA for the second time. Before that several big names left the company that always seems on the brink of bankruptcy and ruin. Now another long-time Impact star has parted ways with the company. While he is mostly known as a comedy act, this star is a former X-Division, Television, and Tag Team Champion. Robbie E has left Impact.

Robbie E’s guido Jersey Shore character got its biggest run with fellow Jersey muscle head Jesse Godderz as the “Bro-Mans”, a team that seemed to be a straight rip-off of Zack Ryder. However, Robbie was able to parlay the gimmick into seven years of success with the company.

Here’s more via PWInsider:

According to multiple sources, Eckos requested and received his release from the company. He had signed a new deal with Impact when Anthem Media purchased the promotion, but after signing, was never used again on TV, instead touring with Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Robbie E’s Unlikely Success

Overcoming a gimmicky gimmick can be difficult. What at first can be a short-term success and a push can eventually lead you to a path of parody and low-card status. While Robbie was never considered a top-tier guy in Impact, he did use what skill and look he had and worked hard. Holding three different championship titles is an accomplishment no matter who you are. Robbie like few others survived the ups and downs of TNA/Impact/Anthem/Global Force/Whatever. He’s a fun wrestler and a draw. I hope to see him on the indie circuit near me soon.

Robbie E is working with Muscle and Fitness on a series of fitness videos as well. He sounds and acts nearly completely different in these videos. But is still crazy jacked and a total BRO!

Good luck in the future, Robbie E! 

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