Curt Hawkins Is Vince’s “Ultimate Weapon” – Here’s Why

Curt Hawkins is a “jobber.” He is on the roster to lose and make other wrestlers look good. It is an important role and one that some fans overlook but others revere. We are supposed to believe that Hawkins is “terrible” but in actuality his skills are top-level. It takes a special skill to make another wrestler look good. In fact, some would say it is the difference between a good wrestler and a bad one. Hawkins is entering legendary status as an “enhancement talent.” He has lost over 130 times in a row. A streak that the WWE is now celebrating. Every week on Raw, Hawkins comes out determined to “Make History” and break his own streak.

On the September 26th episode of Raw, Hawkins made the wrong type of history.

But why is WWE so adamant about Hawkins making history? Why are they celebrating his losing streak? One Redditor has a pretty strong theory. Hawkins is Vince McMahon’s Ultimate Weapon!

They are making a big deal over Curt Hawkins losing streak, booking him as the weakest wrestler in the company. They will keep this up, really drive it home how much Hawkins sucks. Then down the road, Vince will get pissed off at someone and want to absolutely bury them. All he has to do is have Hawkins go over on them, they are basically f*cked after that. This is hypothetically speaking seeing as there’s no way Vince ever thinks that far ahead.

That sounds crazy but Vince is a notoriously petty and vindictive man.  Wouldn’t it make sense for him to have a guy just waiting to destroy someone’s career?

Other Famous Jobbers Besides Curt Hawkins

Barry Horowitz was infamous in the early-90s for losing. He had a few upsets in his day.

Brooklyn Brawler did the job for WWE for decades!

Here are few more “upsets” not just from jobbers but from other unexpected, underestimated wrestlers!

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