Cesaro Lost Teeth And Busted His Nose And Still Continued The Match

The “No Mercy” Pay-Per-View promised a momentous and Wrestlemania-level card. They did not fail to deliver. The moment that has the entire WWE Universe going crazy is what happened to Cesaro during the Tag Title Match with Sheamus vs Rollins and Ambrose. They squared off in a physical match. But the match went to eleven when it looked like Seth Rollins kicked Cesaro so hard he broke his nose.


But a replay revealed that the bleeding really started when Cesaro knocked two teeth out when falling onto the corner turnbuckle just moments before the kick from Rollins.


This is bad. Of course, he required medical attention and had to roll out of the ring. Fans were in shock.

To underscore the craziness of this scenario, Cesaro RETURNED to the match!


Dean and Seth ended up retaining in a BRUTAL match. They survived the craziest tag team finisher I’ve ever seen.


But hats off to Cesaro for working through a broken face to deliver a great match.


This is why the fans are so high on Cesaro. He’s athletic, charismatic, and doesn’t give up in a match!

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