Bayley Gives Her Fans An Injury Update During Mae Young Classic

As you may know already, Bayley was scheduled to face Alexa Bliss for the Women’s Championship at SummerSlam. However, she suffered a separated shoulder and was not able to compete in the match.

It’s unclear when Bayley will return to action, but she did provide her fans with an injury update while walking the red carpet for the Mae Young Classic.

The Injury Update

Bayley had this to say concerning her recovery for her separated shoulder:

“Doing good. I can move it, I can do daily life stuff, I can put my hair up again. I still haven’t lifted any weights on it because I’m scared. So I’m waiting for the doctor to tell me it’s okay to do this and okay to lift this amount of weight and everything. But it’s going up. Every day is better. It sounds cliche but every day I get better.”

Being a GLOW Fan

bayley injury update

During her interview, Bayley also stated that she genuinely enjoyed GLOW, a new Netflix series we covered a while ago. I certainly support Bayley on this one, because the show was amazing.

I have to admit though, GLOW was far from what I expected the show to be. I assumed that the show was going to be humorous for the full 100%, but it turned out to have quite some dramatic moments too.

Bayley’s Other Problems

bayley injury update

Unfortunately, recovery from injury is not the only problem that Bayley needs to overcome at this point. Just before her injury, the crowd was noticeably starting to boo her.

Many people have problems with Bayley’s persona on the main roster. While this persona used to work perfectly on NXT, it certainly missed the mark on the main roster and fans were starting to voice their displeasure.

I must admit I have never been a big Bayley fan, because even her wrestling moves feel very childish to me. However, she is an excellent example for little girls and girls, so I would not say she has to drop that persona altogether.

Even though Bayley does not speak to me as a wrestler and a performer, it does not mean I don’t respect her. She’s honestly one of the nicer female wrestlers on the roster and always takes time for her fans. So, maybe we all need some time to get used to Bayley and her “hugger” persona on the main roster.

bayley injury update

Of course, her injury does provide her with an opportunity to change her persona a little if she wanted to. She could still count on the hugger thing, but become more bad-ass (like she was in NXT). Ever since she came to the main roster, they have painted Bayley as a little girl who cannot take pain. However, the matches she did back in NXT proved otherwise. So, why not run with Bayley and show the crowd what she is capable of?

Are you excited that Bayley might come back to the main roster soon? Do you think she needs to change her character before she returns? Let us know what matters to you in the comment section below!