Young Girl Cries Upon Learning Bayley Is Injured – The Huggerable One Responded!

Yesterday, Bayley was officially ruled out of her championship match at SummerSlam. An injured shoulder means the Huggable One will not be challenging Alexa Bliss for the Raw women’s title. She addressed this last night in a fairly awkward promo. The crowd was restless and some began to boo, and that threw the former champion off big time. Instead of going into that though, I want to reflect on something sad followed by something positive.

WWE positioned Bayley to be a fan favorite for a demographic previously untouched by WWE: girls between the ages of 7-13. Young girls traditionally haven’t had a representative wrestler to look up to. That changed with Bayley. For the first time, young girls have a wrestler to support. One young fan was visibly upset that her favorite is missing Summerslam.


Then the Hugger responded!

Why Bayley Matters

Despite some fans growing tired of Bayley’s gimmick, she is still a big merchandise seller and favorite of young girls. She has a bright future ahead of her once she returns from injury. Her character does need to grow and change. She can’t always be an “aww shucks I’m just so happy to be here” good girl. She has to develop a bit of an edge. Hopefully, this is what will happen while she’s away recovering.

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