Xavier Woods Livetweets Ridiculous Airport Drama

Wrestlers are on the road 300+ days a year. That is a lot of time in rental cars, hotels, and airports. A lot of time interacting with every facet of society. Sometimes you’re gonna get some crazy stories out of it.

The New Day’s Xavier Woods is en-route to a Smackdown show in Canada. His flight is overbooked. People were upset.

Then THAT guy showed up

The Desk Agent is an ICE QUEEN

Or is she Queen Daenerys?

Some lady tried to FAKE AN INJURY to get onto the plane and this how the QUEEN dealt with it

After a while, Woods got suspicious. Was someone pranking him?

Did we mention that the travel voucher prices got INSANE!?

Thankfully, the flight began to board.

But it didn’t end there.

The life of a wrestler!!! We will update this as the saga continues!