WWE Brings Back “Southpaw Regional Wrestling” For A Second Season

Earlier this year WWE struck (Georgia) Gold with the short web series “Southpaw Regional Wrestling.” The supposed “found footage” of a haphazard and unstable outlaw wrestling federation tickled young and old fans alike. WWE packed the series with obscure references to old-school southern wrestling. Southpaw’s references are varied, but mostly they seem to parody Southern-style wrestling from the mid to late 80s. You’ll hear references to The Patriot, the Rock n Roll Express, Ted DiBiase, The Junkyard Dog, Jerry “The King” Lawler, The Assassins, Ric Flair, Superstar Bill Dundee, Memphis television’s Lance Russell, and much more. I love old-school wrestling. Southpaw pays tribute to the reality and the absurdity that captivated fans.

WWE could never put content like this on mainstream TV. It requires a knowledge of 80s territories wrestling, and obscure comedy. So, the audience would seem small. But WWE fans come from all over the place. I think I could show it to my grandmother and it would get just as many laughs as it would from my “hipster” friends who think modern WWE is boring and stale. I LOVE IT so much! It is proof that WWE has the ability to be creative and different when given the chance.

John Cena, Fandango, Rusev, and Gallows and Anderson starred in the first season. It was hilarious enough for even a casual fan to love it. After the first series, fans clamored for a second season. Great news fans. They made a second season!!! While the first season only had four episodes, the new season has SIX! And the new season features Renee Young, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, and AJ Styles as a shady car dealer.


Watch the first episode of “Southpaw Regional Wrestling” Season 2!

I’ll try my best not to die of laughing like I did during the first season. While the first season was built around as sponsorship for KFC, this season is sponsored by Old Spice! This season also appears to be a prequel to the events that took place during the first.

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