What To Watch And What To Avoid On Tonight’s Smackdown Live

The road to SummerSlam continues tonight on Smackdown Live. We’re less than two weeks out from the biggest party of the Summer! Most of the matches are set, so now the anticipation builds. Here’s what we’re looking forward to and NOT looking forward to on tonight’s SmackDown Live.

WATCH: Shane Explains The Rules to AJ Styles and Kevin Owens

Last week, Shane McMahon became the special guest referee for the US title match between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. How Shane will get to do one of his signature crazy moves while officiating is still to be determined. Tonight Shane O’Mac will explain the “rules of engagement” for the match. This seems like another name for a contract signing. Still should be good.

Avoid: Jinder vs Randy “Grudge Match”

For some reason, they’re wrestling again. I don’t know why. Randy’s match vs Rusev at SummerSlam is already booked. So expect the Bulgarian Brute to interfere and then for Nakamura to make the save. Orton and Nakamura vs Jinder Mahal and Rusev is what happens when you live your video game running for too long.

Avoid: Lana vs. Charlotte.

Lana keeps trying to prove herself. Which is admirable, but less so now that she has Tamina watching her back. If Lana pins Charlotte, expect the Internet to melt. Watch this because it will be a real chance for Charlotte and Lana to show their skills, but don’t expect much

Watch: Naomi vs MITB holder Carmella

This is a non-title match. But there is always a chance Carmella beats up Naomi so badly that she tries to cash in. That is exciting.

Watch: Tyler Breeze Returns to Fashion Peaks

The funniest long-running bit WWE has had in a while. The Fashion Police’s forensic follies have delighted wrestling fans with their send-ups of classic TV detective shows. Do we finally learn who kidnaped Fandango? Stay tuned!

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