The WWE’s Best Faces In Overall Wrestling History

Many faces have come and gone, but some will be remembered forever. Some are remembered for their unique persona, while others have a unique connection with the WWE Universe until this day.

Hulk Hogan

Despite some scandals and accusations of racism that have tainted his career, Hulk Hogan is still one of the most memorable faces in WWE history. Unfortunately, Hulk Hogan was removed from the WWE completely after he made some racist statements in an old audio recording.

The WWE Universe seems to have forgiven Hogan for his indiscretions and a lot of people want the legend back on WWE TV. Still, the final decision will lay with the WWE.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

If you would have to describe Stone Cold Steve Austin, you could describe him as a crowd favorite with a serious edge. Stone Cold Steve Austin is responsible for some of the finest feuds with Vince McMahon since he stuck it to the man at any given opportunity.

Of course, Steve Austin had some other unforgettable rivalries too, just think about his rivalry with Booker T, which somehow ended up in a grocery store! Unforgettable to say the least!

The Rock

Having a most popular faces list without the Rock would be an abomination. The most electrifying man to ever grace the squared circle is certainly one of the most beloved faces in wrestling history!

Like Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock was not the average baby face. Instead, he had an edge thanks to his quick wit, sharp tongue, and keen ability to insult his opponents.

John Cena

Whether you chant “Let’s Go Cena” or “Cena Sucks”, you cannot deny that John Cena can be counted among the most successful faces in the WWE.

At this point, the “John Cena Sucks” chants are almost a chant of endearment, much like the “You Suck” chants Kurt Angle gets. Cena always knows how to work a crowd, whether he is cheered of booed.

Dusty Rhodes

One of the most popular faces of all time is undoubtedly Dusty Rhodes. Known as the working-class hero, his “hard times” promo is the stuff of legend today.

Despite the death of this legend, the American Dream lives on in his sons Cody Rhodes and Goldust. Goldust is currently still in the WWE and is expected to become a manager of a superstar at Summerslam, while Cody Rhodes is currently ruling the indie scene.

Dusty’s legacy has touched many other wrestlers who are now on the main roster. He had an impeccable eye for talent, but also shot a promo like nobody’s business! We still miss you Dusty!

What do you think about our list of most popular faces in wrestling history? Should anyone else be added to this list? And why would you add them to the list? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below, and we look forward to reading them all!