The Rock Changed His Iconic Brahma Bull Tattoo

The Rock’s iconic Brahma Bull tattoo is no more.

At least, not as we know it.

The Rock shared a video to Instagram explaining that while the tattoo has “become a symbol of strength, resilience, heart, power, and defiance to so many people around the world,” it’s also a tattoo that he got when he was “just a kid.” Therefore, The Rock writes, the Brahma Bull needs to be updated in order “to reflect me as a man.”


That actually makes a lot of sense. I just hope The Rock doesn’t make the tattoo completely unrecognizable – it’s arguably the most iconic wrestler tattoo ever. I even have a blue Brahma Bull plush that I ordered by phone (okay, my dad ordered it) from WWE Magazine back in the day.

Here is the Rock’s “new” Brahma Bull Tatoo. What do you think? We have mixed feelings.



What do you think of The Rock’s decision to update his tattoo? Do you think it’s the most iconic wrestler tattoo of them all? Sound off below!

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