The Miz Becomes 3rd Longest-Reigning Intercontinental Champ Ever!

The Miz is good (really good) at running his mouth. He’s also not a horrible wrestler either, despite what a lot of his haters and fellow wrestlers have to say. The Miz’s current run as IC champion has been nothing short of amazing. He’s cut amazing promos, infuriated the good guys, and made even the most cynical smart fan cheer him. And it is starting to pay off. The Miz just crossed a huge threshold as IC champ, and he only has more to go!


While that was impressive on its own. This week, Miz surpassed the man considered the “Greatest Intercontinental Champion Of All Time.”


If Miz holds the title through the end of the year he can pass Don Muraco. And if he can hold it a few weeks into 2017, he will become the longest reigning IC champion of all time. I hope it happens for him. Miz has worked so hard and really become a top guy in the company. A few years ago his gimmick was stale, but reinventing himself as an “A-Lister” with the help of his wife Maryse and now a pack of lackeys following him around, The Miz is a hot commodity.

Every week on Raw, The Miz shines on the mic and in the ring. He may wrestle a “safe” and “boring” style, but it is that style that gave him his longevity. In an era of gray wrestlers, Miz is a firm heel who works a heel style. He cheats and whines and gets the crowd behind his opponent. A true master of the craft.

Congrats Miz. You Deserve it *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP*

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