The Five Types Of People You See At Wrestling Shows

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I go to wrestling events often. I go every time WWE is in town. I’ve attended two Wrestlemanias. I also attend a monthly independent show the runs near my home. I’ll even occasionally travel to New York, Philly, or elsewhere when there’s a particularly good wrestling card. So I’ve been to my fair-share of shows. And I have noticed a few patterns. Some are good. Some are bad. Most are interesting. Here are the Five Wrestling Types Of People You See At Every Wrestling Show.

The Adult With A Title Belt

Unless you won it in a wrestling match or you stole it in some dastardly scheme, you should NEVER carry a wrestling title with you in public. You’re having a hard enough time getting down the stairs with your beer and hot dogs. No one thinks you actually won those. Also, they cost about $400 from WWE.  The obvious exception is children or cosplay. But if you’re not dressed like Macho Man or Bray Wyatt, then you shouldn’t be carrying one of their belts.

The Person Who Has Never Watched Wrestling Before

“Is Hulk Hogan going to be there?” Is an actual question I’ve heard uttered by a completely new fan to wrestling. They were dragged to the show by a friend. One of two things will happen: either they completely tune out after a while or they become so engrossed in the show that they turn into an instant superfan. Or you know they just have a fun time doing something different.

The “Smart” Internet Fan

The jerks who use “insider” wrestling terms. Wearing a CM Punk shirt or the shirt of some independent wrestler that they’ll say you’ve never heard of. These are the loudest and generally most annoying fans. They boo the good guys, cheer the bad guys. Always complain about Cena. They shoot nasty looks at kids who like Roman Reigns. Constantly talk about wrestlers being “pushed” or “buried.” You can always count on them to start an annoying chant. They also think any wrestling not geared specifically towards them is stupid and unpopular. They also buy the least amount of merch and are the people who troll twitter looking for pirated streams of Raw, Smackdown, and PPVs. In short, they are the worst type of fan. Avoid them at all costs.

“I Stopped Watching Wrestling in 1999”

Similiar to “never watched before” fan. They remember the Attitude Era. They may have even bought a DX or NWO shirt for the occasion. They’ll be shocked that Big Show, Triple H, Goldust, and Kane are STILL wrestling. They’ll ask a lot of questions about the young guys. Generally, a good fan to watch with. They’ll notice that wrestling has changed.


The purest and best wrestling fan, in my opinion. They cheer the good guys. Boo the bad guys. They don’t know about it being a “work” and all the annoying insider terms. They’re scared of Bray Wyatt and boo The Miz. Everything is real and magical to them. Tip: if you’re sitting next to a family, don’t be a jerk. Keep the language PG. Don’t yell too loud. Get into some banter with them about their favorite wrestlers. Make sure they have a good time.


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