The Broken Hardys Boyz Finally Debut…..Sorta

After months of legal wrangling and fighting on twitter, WWE fans thought we would never see the “Broken” Hardy Boys gimmick that re-started their careers in TNA.

However, after Monday night’s¬†brawl with The Revival and Gallows & Anderson, something has AWOKEN within Matt Hardy. And it seems legally distinct enough to avoid Impact/GFW’s lawyers.

They are finally BROKEN I mean WOKEN. While not as full-out bizarre as what we saw in TNA, it is a step in the right direction. Crowds are already shouting “DELETE” and Matt Hardy’s Twitter account is filled with reference to the WOKEN Universe.

Exciting news! The Hardys “Broken Universe” was some of the most fun I’ve had watching wrestling in a while. They broke all the rules and made some new ones along the way. They challenged what it meant to be a wrestler and an entertainer. Let’s hope WWE lets them do weird stuff like this!

Are you excited the BROKEN Hardys are back! Share your thoughts