The Best Active Wrestlers over 40 Years Old

Wrestlers who have a true passion for the business are not thinking of retirement anytime soon; this much is clear when you look at the many wrestlers who have hit their forties and refuse to retire. So, in honor of these professionals, here is our list of favorite wrestlers over 40!

1. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is not only on this list in my opinion, because he is also one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Even though you would not know it looking at him, Chris Jericho is 46 years old at the time of this article.

2. AJ Styles

When you look at AJ Styles in the wrestling ring, his agility, and his speed, it is hard to believe that this wrestling legend is already 40 years old. Even though it took some time for the WWE to finally recruit him, I am certainly glad they finally did. Just think about the amazing matches we would not have seen otherwise!

3. Triple H

Triple H is a tough one for this list, considering he is most occupied with NXT. Still, Triple H makes the occasional return to the ring, especially during WrestleMania where he usually has a rivalry going.

The Game – real name Paul Michael Levesque – probably feels like he is in the prime of his life at age 48 and we cannot say we disagree. I don’t think the man will ever retire!

4. Kurt Angle

While I was hesitant to put Kurt on this list, because other wrestlers on this list are a little more active wrestling at the moment, I could not keep Kurt Angle out of my top picks.

Kurt Angle may have a manager position at the moment, but he was still wrestling on Impact Wrestling before he came back to the WWE. His age at the time of this article? 48! Hat off to you Kurt!

5. The Big Show

Like AJ Styles and Chris Jericho, the Big Show is still very active in the ring and had a rivalry with Big Cass during a pay-per-view. The world’s largest athlete may be 45, but he certainly shows no signs of retirement yet!

6. Kane

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If you grew up in the attitude era like myself, you feel like some people have been around forever. One of these men is Big Show, but also Kane, who made his debut as the Undertaker’s lost brother many years ago.

While Kane is not as active on the roster as AJ Styles or Big Show at the moment, he is still part of the current roster. Kane is also the oldest wrestler so far, because he is 50 years old!

Who is your favorite over 40 wrestler? Share it in the comments below.

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