Rusev Had the Best Response To Eva Marie Leaving WWE

Eva Marie didn’t have a great WWE career. I would venture to say she didn’t have a good one. In fact, I would go as far to say that as far as long WWE careers go, and she was with the company for four years, she had one of the worst. She didn’t have a lot of fans. Even when they tried to turn the fan hatred into a heel run for her, it failed. Most of the roster doesn’t comment on wrestlers leaving. But that didn’t stop twitter legend Rusev from dropping this AMAZING tweet about All Red Everything’s departure.

But was the tweet even about Eva Marie?

Some fans were skeptical it was about Eva Marie, though.


Rusev is a pretty big fan of the Nashville Predators.

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So perhaps he was talking about Predators Captain Mike Fisher retiring after leading the team to their first Stanley Cup Finals. However, we aren’t Rinkside Intel, so we’re gonna focus on the wrestling angle here.

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