Rumor Mill: Batista To Headline 2018 WWE Hall of Fame Class

Even though we’re seven months away from Wrestlemania rumors and plans for the biggest wrestling event of the year are already starting to surface. While plans always change, we have a general idea of who will be main eventing the show (for now). But what about the 2nd biggest event of the weekend, The Hall of Fame ceremony? Even though there is no real criteria for entering the Hall of Fame and even Chris Jericho has referred to it as a “work” it is still considered a great honor for wrestlers to be included. It is a sign of success in wrestling and a testament to a worker’s ability. Often times the ceremony is used to bring a departed star back into the WWE fold. Batista.

Last year’s headliner, Kurt Angle went on to become the Raw General Manager. Will Batista have a third run? Batista had a less-than stellar second run in WWE not 4 years ago. But his name has grown in size not just in WWE, but in Hollywood.

According to Dave Meltzer, Batista is rumored to headline next year’s Hall of Fame class. The induction would coincide with the release of Avengers: Civil War, which will star Batista and a host of other Marvel talent.

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Why Batista is a natural fit to headline the Hall of Fame

WWE craves mainstream attention. They love it when traditional media covers their events. What better way to do than featuring one of Hollywood’s biggest rising stars. Batista has a star quality that is growing by the day. He is starring in action and blockbuster films and is on his way to reaching the status previously only reached by The Rock.

However, plans always change. There have been rumors that Undertaker will officially retire and enter the Hall of Fame next year in New Orleans. If that is the case, then he is the natural choice to headline. But perhaps Undertaker waits one more year? He isn’t one to seek fame and publicity. He could wait and headline a class all his own.

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