Revival’s Scott Dawson Injured – SummerSlam Match Out

Hours after Bayley was confirmed to be out of Summerslam due to injury, reports serviced of another injury befalling a top Raw star. They may also miss SummerSlam. ProWrestlingSheet and other outlets are reporting that The Revival’s Scott Dawson is injured.

Sources tell us Dawson injured his right bicep and surgery options are currently being discussed, which means that a SummerSlam match involving The Hardy Boyz may be off the table.

It’s unclear when the injury occurred, but his arm looked heavily wrapped on Saturday at an event.

Later in the day, WWE confirmed the news.

The “Top Guys” can’t catch a break

Earlier in the year, a broken jaw sidelined Dash Wilder. Injuries are common in wrestling. It is part of the demands of the grueling schedule Superstars go through. Also, WWE is much more cautious with injuries than they were in the past. Vince and company are much more willing to give a talent time off to heal, especially if it is an injury that can cause lasting issues. So, even if Dawson feels like he can go, it is possible WWE decides to sideline him.

We hope Scott Dawson heals up soon. Top Guys don’t belong on the sidelines. The Revival tore it up in NXT and are on the cusp of doing the same on the main roster. If only they could stay healthy for a bit.

Wrestlers aren’t afraid to wrestle in pain. It happens all the time. But sometimes authorities make the decision for them and their career. Just look at Daniel Bryan. A torn bicep won’t take much time to heal, and hopefully, it doesn’t require surgery. Bicep tears are sudden. Lifting heavy objects is a leading cause. So, they’re natural in the fast and power-centric world of wrestling. Torn muscles are a common injury for wrestlers. Wrestlers’ put their bodies through the wringer.

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