Reigns And Strowman To Battle In Last Man Standing Match On Raw

My candidate for “Feud of the Year” goes to Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns. The two monsters have battled for much of the last six months. Each match escalating the feud. We thought we reached a peak when the Ambulance Match led to a horrific crash and Roman Reigns’ possible villainous turn. This week, as we inch closer to SummerSlam, the two will battle once again. This time in a last man standing match!

What will happen when these two Superstars have to inflict enough damage onto one another to keep them down for a count of 10 and be declared the victor of the Last Man Standing Match? And what impact will this have on the looming Universal Title Match at The Biggest Event of Summer?

Prepare for pain. These two always tear the house down and bring the fury. It wouldn’t shock me if this ends in a double count-out or a draw. Samoa Joe still lurks in the background and there’s always a chance Brock shows up and tears everyone apart.

I know some may disagree, but I am loving the builds in WWE right now. Every feud seems up in the air. It feels like anything could happen at any time.

Also on the card for tonight’s Raw:

  • We learn Bayley’s shoulder status. Her SummerSlam match vs Alexa Bliss is in doubt.
  • The Love-Hate relationship between Rollins and Ambrose turns another chapter. Will they get a shot at the tag titles?
  • The Woken Hardys continue their ascendancy? Will we see a full BREAK from reality for Team Xtreme? They might not be “broken” but they are surely AWOKEN!
  • And what about Gallows & Anderson and The Revival? The Raw tag scene is stacked with talent.
  • The Devil and the Demon continue their supernatural feud. Will Finn show more of his powers after teleporting into the ring last week? What tricks does Bray Wyatt have up his sleeve? Will he try to convert Balor to his cause?

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