Here’s The Full Roman Reigns/John Cena Segment Everyone Is Talking About

On Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns and John Cena held a contract signing for their match at the September 24th Raw Pay-Per-View No Mercy. Before the segment, fans rolled their eyes and openly wondered why two big stars were fighting on a minor PPV. Many thought the match should wait until Wrestlemania. That all changed once the words began to fly between The Big Dog and The Face That Runs the Place. The two seemed to “shoot” on each other getting personal on details about the other’s faults. Cena chastised Reigns for his arrogance and refusal to become the top guy. Regins went after Cena for his part-time status and refusal to help younger talent. It got REAL, and it was STRONG. The Internet melted down over the segment. It is all anyone is talking about in the wrestling world.

Watch the full segment in all of its glory below.


This moment got me very excited for their match. The promos are going to sell this. I don’t know how they top this segment. John Cena was in rare form. Reigns delivered his anger and fury with precision. This is going to be a FIGHT!

It seems like Cena was the clear winner of the battle of words. But who will win the battle in the ring? It could go either way. But one thing I know, this will be a titanic match. Both guys know how to show-up when it counts. They will put on a match that will have major implications for WWE for years to come. Is this Cena officially passing the baton to Reigns? Or is something more complicated afoot? Do we see two characters develop a depth not seen since Stone Cold? Are we developing two new anti-heroes? There are several theories. Some are speculating that we’re finally getting the Reigns heel turn hardcore fans have begged for. Others are saying the same, but about Cena’s long-awaited transition to the dark side.

Who knows? It is an exciting time to be a wrestling fan!  

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