Five Times Vince Took Sweet, Sweet Revenge On His Enemies

It is widely known that Vince McMahon is a man that never forgets! This has been clear in some of the stories that were seen in the WWE. So, let us give you an overview of the wrestling stories that were created as revenge!

IRS Issues



Everyone knows that the IRS has not been Vince’s best friend over the years. The IRS is constantly hounding Vince to get their share of his empire. Fortunately, Vince retaliated in the real McMahon way!

The character Irwin R. Schyster was a fun reference to the IRS. He played a tax man who would harass the audience for not paying their taxes. Well done Vince!



During the Attitude era, Vince had to deal with the Parents Television Council, which are undoubtedly somewhat responsible for the end of this era. Boo!

To exact his revenge on the hassle provided by the Parents Television Council, Vince was mature about it and created the Right to Censor, a beautiful parody on the censorship going on in the WWE. Unfortunately, their creation also led to the end of the attitude era.

Razor & Diesel Look Different!


When Razor and Diesel left the WWF for WCW, it was undoubtedly a big hit for the WWF and for Vince personally. However, Vince took his revenge by creating a fake Razor & Diesel, which took a not-so-professional look at the two wrestlers who had defected.

The creation of the fake Razor and Diesel was meant to humiliate Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. According to numerous sources, Vince knew well that the fake characters would not be received well by the wrestling universe, so his intention was to create comedic jobbers in the first place. Unfortunately, the team would be a historical footnote. At least one of them would be big though because Fake Diesel was Kane!

The Revenge on Titus


Nobody disrespects Vince McMahon, at least not with unprofessional behavior aired on TV! When Daniel Bryan was announcing his retirement, the entire roster paid their respects. When Vince was making his way to the back, Titus O’Neil playfully grabbed him.

Unfortunately, Vince was far from amused by the playful action. Titus O’Neil was harshly punished, more specifically with a 90-day suspension usually reserved for wrestlers who violate the company’s wellness policy.

Fake Macho Man and Hulk Hogan


Needless to say, when the WWF lost two major stars – Macho Man and Hulk Hogan – to WCW, it certainly caused a little storm in the management office. Of course, Vince would not be Vince without a good dose of revenge on television!

To underline the bad blood between WWF and WCW, Vince decided to create a fake Macho Man and Hulk Hogan, which was dubbed as Nacho Man and the Huckster.

What do you think about the ‘subtle’ ways Vince used to take revenge on people or institutions that have wronged him? Do you remember these revenge characters and/or punishments? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below, and we look forward to reading them!

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