Dolph Ziggler Responds To Retirement/Leaving WWE Rumors

It is no secret that Dolph Ziggler’s recent run in WWE hasn’t been stellar. He’s languished in the mid-card with a failed heel turn and is now used to build-up and eventually¬†lose to up-and-coming wrestlers, such as Shinsuke Nakamura. Currently, on Smackdown Live, Ziggler transformed into a bitter vet who is jealous and flabbergasted at the gimmicks used by new stars to “get over.” This week on Smackdown he detailed his frustrations at his current place and the success of others. He sniped at the success of Finn Balor, Elias Sampson, John Cena, and others.

Therefore, this is fueling the rumors that Dolph is planning to leave WWE and give his dream of being a stand-up comedian and actor a real go. And with the rumors swirling, here is how the Show-Off responded to the innuendo and dissatisfaction from the fans.


What does this mean?

For starters, it means Ziggler is paying attention to the rumors, though he isn’t taking them too seriously. But, is he thinking of making a career change? Most definitely. And he’s made no secret that he wants to try acting. Ziggler tried out a small career as an improv and stand-up comedian. But does he have enough clout to leave WWE? Ziggler is no doubt talented in and out the ring. Perhaps it is time for him to find himself somewhere outside of WWE.

Ziggler certainly wouldn’t be the first wrestler to get tired of his rudderless WWE character. There’s plenty to indicate he could find success on the independent professional wrestling scene. Cody Rhodes proved that. Like Cody, Dolph has never known wrestling out of WWE. But he is trained and experienced; there is no doubt he could succeed on his own. It is just a matter of whether or not he wants to continue to be a professional wrestler.

What do you think? Is Ziggler’s time in WWE drawing to a close? Share your thoughts in the comments below.¬†

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